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  • to strive for excellence and performance standards from its workforce;
  • to design innovative and challenging programs and activities which address the needs of Electrical – Mechanical Engineering and Services, Computer Application Education in Indonesia, in line with contemporary advances in Electrical – Mechanical Engineering and Computer Application education;
  • to solicit the cooperation and participation of national, regional and international experts;
  • to manage human and other resources efficiently and effectively;
  • to establish networks to link Electrical- Mechanical Engineering Services and Computer Application resources throughout the country;

PT. ELEMMELINDO MULTICIPTA ARIA started its activities in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the year 1999, by joint-project with professional industries, companies and educational institutions, to provide consultancy services for electrical utility, industrial and commercial facilities.

PT. ELEMMELINDO MULTICIPTA ARIA strives to offer the highest quality of Engineering Services, Training, Consultation and Research Program with focus on planning, operation and maintenance of power generation, transmission & distribution, and industrial installation.

ELEMMELINDO has developed as well as implemented new strategic goals which are :

  • Dissemination of its engineering expertise through the customized services, publications and courses.
  • Customizing different application of advanced techniques in electrical engineering, designs and services in order to create a service package that best meets client needs with the typical responsibility to meet with client to ascertain complete scope of work and develop project timetable and reporting relationships.

These strategic goals are being more client-oriented or market-driven which can open the floodgate for improvement the quality of Engineering Services, especially in Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Application.



ELEMMELINDO MULTICIPTA ARIA mission is to achieve national, regional and international recognition as a Centre of Engineering Consultancy Services, as well as research and development in Electrical, Mechanical, and Computer Application.

PT. ELEMMELINDO MULTICIPTA ARIA is committed to nurture and enhance the quality of Electrical – Mechanical Engineering and Computer Application services in Indonesia.




The power system planning, design, operation and maintenance requires comprehensive analyses, which assess current performance as well as examine the effectiveness of alternatives for system improvement and expansion.


  • Develop and deliver flexible, innovative and relevant engineering consultancy services and related training programs.
  • Promote, publish and disseminate national and international recognized quality research and development programs and publications.
  • Establish an information centre database, which will be resources for electrical – mechanical engineering services and computer application resources throughout the Country.
  • Improve system’s reliability based on analysis and modelling tools.
  • Building up accurate models, suited for the phenomena to be studied of any type of power system configuration.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of both normal and abnormal power system conditions.
  • Analyzing and interpreting the results to provide an optimal solution.



  • to develop, enhance, and promote engineering consultancy services and R&D programs.
  • to develop and implement quality, innovative and relevant training programs.
  • to develop and implement the substation electrical equipment maintenance program.
  • to strengthen the organizational management capabilities.
  • to modernize and update equipment/ facilities.




Dr. ROEKMAN (born March 24, 1956) is an Indonesian electrical engineer and the director of PT. Elemmelindo Multicipta Aria. Before starting his own company, he served as the Head of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics Laboratory in Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia and set up a link with manufacturer, PT. Schneider Ometraco, where he eventually join the company as a marketing manager from 1996 until 1998. He grew up in Grogol, West Jakarta, and finished his high school at SMAN 4 Jakarta.

Dr. ROEKMAN enrolled to Universitas Indonesia, and in 1984 he graduated with Insinyur degree in electrical engineering. In 1987, he earned a full scholarship to attend Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG) in Grenoble, France, where he graduated with Diplôme d’Ingénieur, Diplôme d’études approfondies (DEA) and Diplome de Docteur (PhD) electrical engineering degrees in 1988, 1989 and 1993 respectively. During his education career in France, he was appointed as “Assistance Professor for Electrical Machines Laboratory” and “Supervisor of Student Final Project” of Ecole Superieur d’Ingenieurs de Marseille (ESIM).

Dr. ROEKMAN has published electrical engineering papers in scientific journals. Beside working as a lecturer in Universitas Indonesia and School of Engineering – STT PLN in his early 2000s, he participated in several engineering trainings across the globe including in France, Singapore and Spain. His most recent research projects are focused on power system study & distribution system losses, power system transient, power quality and power system protective relaying. He consults various industrial and utilities companies on power quality related issues.

ROEKMAN is a member of Japan ATP/EMTP Users Group. He gives courses in power system control, power electronics, motor control and protection, electromagnetics and linear system. He is also an instructor giving training and short courses titled Transmission, Distribution and Power Quality Applications. He is formerly a team leader for the feasibility study of Indonesia’s Universities to setup a long term strategy to assure link and match program between the industries and the universities.

Dr. ROEKMAN now lives in Cilandak, South Jakarta, with his wife Syofvi and his two children Aisha and Taufan.

Director: Dr. Martin Roekman

Administration: Julharbary

Finance & Accounting: Syahrul Syam

Project Coordinator: Adisty Nurcahyani, Indraman Akhmad (HSE Representative)

Engineering Expert:

  • Engineering Study & Training
    Mujahid Satrio Negoro, Herris Yamashika, Kartawan Muchtar, Habib Rochani
  • IT & Application Software
    Krisman Rukman, Rinaldi Adrian Mohammad
  • Engineering Construction & Commissioning
    Thomas Napitupulu, Kardijanto
  • Assessment, Inspection & Testing
    Herpekik Hergono, Alfin Abrar

The staffs educational background are generally in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering from local Universities and abroad, having good knowledge of English and French languages. Besides the vast experience in design, operation and maintenance of electrical systems and fieldwork, the staffs have also years of experience from work outside the company in operation, management and power plants.

Elemmelindo Engineering has a proven project structure with defined responsibilities and systems to ensure your projects will be completed successfully.


All members of the staff are provided with a PC computer for CAE and CAD purposes. The computers are connected to plotters and laser printers via Ethernet. The network servers are based on Microsoft Windows and UNIX.

Elemmelindo Engineering uses years of utility, manufacturer, consulting and academic experiences with the most suitable state-of-the-art of softwares for Project Management, Engineering and Design activities, including:

  • ETAP Power Station (Electrical Transient Analysis Program),
  • ATP-EMTP (Alternative Transient Program – Electromagnetic Transients   Program), ATP Designer, and ATP Analyzer,
  • TFAA (Transformer Fault Analysis Assistant),
  • PSS/E (evaluation version),
  • PSCAD/EMTDC (evaluation version),
  • DlgSILENT Power Factory (evaluation version),
  • OMICRON Advanced Transview,
  • Microsoft Office and MS Project, MatLab, Mathcad,

in addition to a number of other CAE/ CAD programs developed by the company for internal use.