Engineering & CommissioningPower System & Engineering StudyComputer ApplicationEducation, Training & Transfer of Technology

Engineering & Commissioning

Aim to provide engineering, construction and commissioning services for new projects, and for revamping/retrofits of the existing installations by:

  • Managing the selection and deployment of engineering and construction teams which consist of control delivery/ scheduling, advise for design improvement, and construction/ hook-up site management services.
  • Set up and supervise the pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up   teams during the engineering preparation and yard/ site execution.
  • Ensuring project management system are properly followed and implemented in accordance with client policies.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Engineering Basic Design

  • Engineering review, calculation and 3D modeling.
  • Equipment specification.
  • As build documents and drawings.

Field Engineering

  • Perform efficient and suitable field engineering to cover site modification, improvement, etc.
  • Hook-up and commissioning.

Project Systems, Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Selection, Assignment and Management of Project Team.
  • Document handling and procedures.
  • Construction project review and audits.
  • Start-up and hand-over procedures and implementation.




Power System & Engineering Study

Aims to analyze the undisturbed and disturbed conditions of the utility and industrial power system; in order to take the correct actions in optimizing the design, function and performance of the systems, which include:

Power System, System Impact and Protection Coordination Studies

  • Visual Inspection (site survey)
  • Load flow, short circuit, arc flash, motor starting, capacitor placement, harmonics, UPS & DC system and transient stability studies.
  • Relay setting calculation & protection coordination study.
  • Load shedding schemes and remedial actions.
  • Grounding studies and analysis.
  • Transient electromagnetic in power systems: Circuit breaker transient recovery voltage (TRV), Sub-synchronous resonance (electrical & mechanical system interactions in turbine generators).

Assessment, Testing and Calibration of Switchgear Electrical Equipments

  • Maintenance and calibration of electrical equipment.
  • Evaluation & review of relay mal-operation, failure of relay to detect fault, local back-up failure, breaker failure, improper relays coordination, over-reaching or selectivity problems (by off-line and realtime dynamic simulation).

AC/DC Transmission Planning and Operating Studies

  • Feasibility studies & technical evaluation.
  • System operating studies, performance & failure analysis.
  • Surge protection & insulation coordination study.
  • HVDC converter and system integration study.
  • Transformer inrush and capacitor switching transients.
  • Evaluation and review of technical losses in distribution system.
  • Economic and reliability analysis.

Power Quality Simulation, Measurement and Mitigation

  • Simulation and modeling of power quality assessment and mitigation techniques.

Power Plant & Balance of Plant System Study

  • Process & instrumentation diagrams.
  • Steam turbines, combustion turbines and auxiliaries.
  • Boilers and heat recovery steam Generator.
  • Heat & Mass balance diagrams.




Computer Application

  • Geographic Information System & Power System Database Development.
  • Design of Automated Mapping and Facilities Management of Power System, Transmission and Distribution.
  • Hospital Information System.





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Education, Training & Transfer of Technology

On or Off Site Training Courses include theoretical and practical sessions and well-documented exercises dedicated to power system, power plant operation & maintenance personnel. As a result, the personnel will be well prepared to handle both daily operation and any type of disturbance situation.

Type of Training:

  • Power System & Protection Coordination – PC Based Training Module,
  • Simulation of Power System & Power Electronics Application devices,
  • Competency Level Training for Power Plant Operators and Technicians.